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Generation Now…and Next: Creating a Better Birth Experience

The Boulder Medical Center obstetrics team in Boulder and Longmont

A unique approach to prenatal, delivery and postpartum care

What if?

What if women expecting a baby knew they would have post-partum emotional support planned into their prenatal and birthing care?
What if their partners knew they could be as involved as the couple chooses all through the pregnancy and birth?
What if the mom-to-be knew she had an entire team of obstetric specialists knowledgeable about her pregnancy, but one provider dedicated to her care?
What if that entire team was female, caring and current on ways to optimize the birth experience?

The Longmont/Boulder OB team at Boulder Medical Center (l-r): Kristen Wolfe, MD; Alexandra DiMatteo, MD; Erin Harper-Sanchez, certified nurse midwife; Heather Bright Hoffmeyer, MD; Jennifer Blattner, MD.

The OB/GYN providers at Boulder Medical Center in Longmont and Boulder not only know the answers to these “what if” questions, they’ve designed their obstetrics services around answering them. The result is a practice unique in the area and a team on schedule to welcome around 500 new Coloradans this year.

“Our patients say that our approach works really well for them,” confirms Kristen Wolfe, MD. “They tell us they appreciate our focus on establishing a relationship and understanding what they hope for with their pregnancy. I do think creating that level of trust is especially important to women becoming mothers today. Many are so informed about their options. And so committed to doing their part in having a healthy baby.”

An all-woman obstetrics team focused on personal care and education

Dr. Wolfe, new mom and newborn son at the BirthPlace at Longmont United Hospital

Building a trusting partnership begins with the first appointment. “We are an all-woman team of five physicians and one certified nurse-practitioner midwife,” Dr. Wolfe explains. “The provider that a woman meets with initially is typically the one who supports her throughout her pregnancy. Because we all work closely together, though, another physician can step in if needed. But we always try our best to be there.”

Dr. Wolfe continues, “Our focus on personalization and education is very strong. That’s the key to an individualized birthing experience. So we take time to know what an expectant mother does and doesn’t want. We’re also the only practice in Longmont that offers vaginal birth after cesarean, which is an important consideration for many women.

The practice works closely with several doulas—women professionally trained to support expectant mothers before, during and after birth. “The physical, emotional and informational support they provide can be very valuable,” Dr. Wolfe says. “They visit the patient in her home and can be a wonderful ‘bridge’ if a woman has certain concerns.”

Celebrating alternative and integrative approaches to childbirth

“Being part of families…is so rewarding.” — Dr. Kristen Wolfe

Women today are also more interested in complementary care during pregnancy, Dr. Wolfe continues, “especially here in the Longmont/Boulder area and around Boulder County. Our practice is extremely supportive of alternative measures, and we definitely take a multidisciplinary approach. Many of our moms are very interested in nutrition. Specialized pelvic therapy is helping several of our patients have a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. Acupuncture and massage can be most beneficial, and Longmont United Hospital has an excellent Integrative Medicine program offering both.”

For this team of obstetricians, care continues after baby is here, healthy and at home. “We’re really proud of our postpartum care,” Dr. Wolfe states. “Each mom receives a complimentary visit here in our office with a specialist from the Postpartum Wellness Center in Boulder. It’s an opportunity for her to learn what resources are available in the community and help prevent postpartum depression or anxiety. We also partner with an infant sleep coach who offers complimentary classes for our new parents once each quarter.

“Being part of families in this way is so rewarding. It’s such a privilege to be present for the arrival of their next generation.”

 Meet the OB-GYN Providers in Boulder and Longmont

Jennifer Blattner, MD

Dr. Blattner was born in Hershey, Penn. and grew up in Winston-Salem, N.C. She moved with her family to Colorado when she joined Boulder Medical Center in 2012. Dr. Blattner values time with family and friends and enjoys reading, music and theater, dancing, traveling, scuba diving, hiking and biking. She and her husband, Jim, are parents to two daughters, Adelyn & Taryn, and a small dog, Daisy.

Heather Bright Hoffmeyer, MD

Dr. Bright Hoffmeyer returned to Colorado after completing three years as a major in the U.S. Air Force, where she served as an OB-GYN specialist at Travis Air Force Base in California. She loves all things Colorado – blue skies, the relaxed environment, snow, running, hiking and camping. Dr. Bright Hoffmeyer is happy to be raising her two children here and is thrilled to serve the women living in Boulder County and beyond.

Alexandra DiMatteo, MD

Dr. DiMatteo became passionate about women’s health early in life when her grandmother was treated for breast cancer. After studying women’s studies and human development in college she enrolled in medical school. “My experience prior to medical school invested me in women’s health issues. I am passionate about helping women stay healthy and strong while supporting their efforts to keep their families healthy. I am convinced that this approach helps build stronger communities.”

Kristen Wolfe, MD

Dr. Kristen Wolfe provides full spectrum obstetrics and gynecology care with a special interest in pregnancy care, pregnancy options counseling and treatment for abnormal or unintended pregnancy, birth control including IUD and implant insertion, counseling and treatment for abnormal pap smear, abnormal bleeding, hormone management, and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery including hysterectomy. In her free time she enjoys hot yoga, hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband.

Erin Harper-Sanchez
MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife 

Erin is trained to provide a wide spectrum of care that includes overall women’s health, pregnancy and childbirth. “As a midwife, I believe in a more natural approach to health care, labor and delivery and encourage patients to make health decisions utilizing my experience and education as guidance. I also collaborate with our physicians on more medically complicated situations and if emergencies should arise during labor and delivery.”

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