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Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

Here is the information on how you can sign up for the vaccine. Please be aware that the vaccination landscape is always evolving, and details change quickly. We advise you to confirm the information on this page with additional sources. We will update at least once each week.

About Vaccinations at Boulder Medical Center

  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has complete control of the distribution of all COVID-19 vaccines to local communities. All vaccine providers administer vaccines according to the vaccine prioritization schedule set by CDPHE.
  • The state allocates a minimal quantity of Covid-19 vaccines to Boulder Medical Center. In fact, we have received zero doses in some weeks. As we received the vaccine we will continue with distribution plans that align with CDC and local health guidelines.
  • Boulder Medical Center is currently administering the Moderna vaccine. We have applied for the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine and update you if our status changes. Please stay tuned to this page.

BMC Vaccine Sign-up

We open our vaccine sign-up when appointments are available. If you have an opportunity to receive a vaccine from another health system or provider sooner, we encourage you to take it. All healthcare groups are working together to vaccinate every Coloradan.

Appointment Status:  We have a limited number of Moderna vaccine doses available. Call us at 303-440-3010 and leave a message with your name, age, DOB and contact info to begin the scheduling process.

Additional Sign-up Resources for Boulder County

Because access to vaccines is extremely limited at Boulder Medical Center, we encourage you to sign up for a vaccine appointment with multiple providers, such as hospitals and pharmacies. Here are a few resources to do so::

  • Boulder County Covid-19 Page – This link provides a user-friendly guide for vaccine eligibility, locations, and sign-up information;
  • Mass Vaccination Dates/Sites – The most recent state link for vaccine locations that include the mass community sites;
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Finder – A tool that helps you track down Covid-19 vaccine appointment openings at Colorado pharmacies. Updated every minute.
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