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Covid-19 Vaccine Updates
Boulder Medical Center

February 22, 2021 – The following is the most recent information regarding how our patients (and others) can obtain the Covid-19 vaccine. Please be aware that the vaccination landscape is constantly evolving, and details change quickly. We advise our patients to confirm the information on this page with additional sources. We will update this information at least once each week.

The Covid-19 Vaccine at Boulder Medical Center

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has complete control of the distribution of all COVID-19 vaccine to local communities. All vaccine providers administer vaccines according to the vaccine prioritization set by CDPHE. The State of Colorado is allocating a very small amount of Covid-19 vaccines to Boulder Medical Center. In some weeks we have received zero vaccines. When we do receive vaccine doses, we will continue with our distribution plans that align with CDC guidelines.

Boulder Medical Center has been directed to continue prioritizing the ages 70+ population. We will continue vaccinating this group before moving on to other phases. We encourage our over-70-year-old, and all of our patients to also try other vaccine providers. Here are a few sources:

Covid-19 Vaccine Resources for Boulder County

  • Boulder County Covid-19 Page – This link provides a user-friendly guide for vaccine eligibility, locations, and sign-up information.
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Finder – A tool that helps you track down Covid-19 vaccine appointment openings at Colorado pharmacies. Updated every minute.

Educators and Childcare Workers

According to the CDPHE, vaccinations for PreK-12 educators and childcare workers will be managed by the employers and the state;

    • School districts will have a plan with the health department (likely using local pharmacies, but maybe a large health organization) that will arrange their vaccinations and these will NOT be done by independent sites like Boulder Medical Center;
    • All educators should work with their employer or the public health department to determine where they can go for vaccines;
    • CDPHE has enrolled providers assigned to vaccinate PreK-12 and early childhood program staff. Those not associated with a school district should contact Kroger (see list above).

Boulder Medical Center – Sign Up for the Covid-19 Vaccine

When a Covid vaccine becomes available, we will distribute it as soon as possible, following state and federal vaccine guidelines.

Click Here for the BMC Covid-19 Vaccine Form

If you have an opportunity to receive a vaccine from another health system or provider sooner, we encourage you to take it. All of these groups are working together to bring these vaccines as quickly as possible to all Coloradans.

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