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About Alexandra DiMatteo

Dr. DiMatteo grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Ohio along the Ohio River with a twin sister and two brothers. When considering a career in medicine, she visited Duke University after her grandmother was treated for breast cancer there. She fell in love with the campus and soon enrolled.

Although her dream was to work in medicine, Dr. DiMatteo wanted to earn a degree in Women’s Studies with a certificate in Human Development first. “This was when I developed a passion for women’s health,” says Dr. DiMatteo.

After college and before medical school, Dr. DiMatteo taught biology for two years and met her husband, a sea turtle biologist/cartographer. She spent one year earning a Masters Degree in Physiology at the University of Cincinnati (UC), where her thesis was on menstrual migraines. While working UC's Center for Women's Mood Disorders the following year, Dr. DiMatteo researched perimenopausal depression and premenstural dysphoric disorder. During this time, she shadowed a community physician in her hometown and observed the delivery of a baby for the first time. “That experience solidified my desire to become an OB/GYN doctor,” she says.

Dr. DiMatteo was drawn to attending Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) because of its emphasis on community service. As a medical student she helped establish the first student-operated medical clinic and launching a women's health clinic, which lead to her election into the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. DiMatteo chose to complete her residency at EVMS to take advantage of the school’s supportive environment and the many opportunities to learn about high-risk obstetrics.

“My experience prior to medical school invested me in addressing women’s health issues," says Dr. DiMatteo. "I am passionate about helping women stay healthy and strong while supporting their efforts to keep their families healthy as well. I am convinced that supporting women and families helps build stronger communities."

Dr. DiMatteo and her husband are avid world travelers and outdoors enthusiasts. Her outdoor passions include rock climbing, camping, backpacking, and hiking. She loves doing all of these with her husband and rescue pups, Giorgio, a 10 year old mini-schnauzer and Bryn, a terrier mix.

Specialties and Educational Information

Dr. DiMatteo is interested in all areas of women's care including: care for women in all seasons of their lives, from initial discussions about birth control through childbirth and menopause; ongoing care during pregnancy, labor and childbirth; high-risk pregnancies; postpartum care; menopause; and diseases and conditions affecting the female reproductive system.

Dr. DiMatteo enjoys caring for women in all stages of their lives She is also invested in the care and support of adolescents and the LGBT community.

"I am dedicated to establishing a safe environment that guarantees the respect and dignity of all patients and providing compassionate care to all patients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity," she says.

Dr. DiMatteo is committed to earning the trust of, and developing long-term relationships with her patients.

“I want my patients to feel welcome and comfortable with me so that we can build a relationship of trust and mutual respect,” she explains. “Through this relationship we can learn from each other and work together at maintaining and improving patient health.”

Education and Certifications

  • Undergraduate — Duke University
    BA - Women's Studies; Certificate - Human Development
    Durham, NC

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