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John Kelley, md

Dr. John Kelley practices holistic medicine in the broadest sense of the word. “I focus on diet, exercise and healthy lives in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease,” he explains. A few of his passions: family, mountains, and “I’m still trying to become a respectable guitar and mandolin player.” Dr. Kelley is accepting new patients of all ages. Medicare patients welcome!

About John Kelley

A Q&A with Dr. Kelley:

~ At what moment did you know that you wanted to practice medicine?

Originally from Lookout Mountain, Georgia, I grew up with a variety of interests and it wasn't until much later in life that I knew I wanted to pursue medicine. I attended the University of Georgia where I majored in Spanish and Portuguese. This led to numerous opportunities to study abroad in Spain, Brazil and later to live and work in Argentina. Along with that I developed a real passion for travel, exploring and appreciating other cultures and the people in them.

Medicine had always been a career path that had intrigued me, but it was not until I met my wonderful wife, Annie, that I knew it was time to choose it as a career path. After much careful thought, I knew I wanted to pursue the next great challenge.

~ Why did you choose to practice at Boulder Medical Center?

Coming out of Family Medicine residency at St. Anthony's North in Denver, I looked at a number of practices. As I interviewed and got to know many of doctors and staff at Boulder Medical Center, it became apparent that this organization had everything that I was looking for: a fun group of excellent doctors, a collegiate atmosphere with multiple specialists, and it did not have the feel of corporate medicine.

~ What do you enjoy about medicine, in general?

Medicine is equal parts art and science. I love that about my profession. Being good physician is not a static process and it requires that you be great with people, knowledgeable about medicine and constantly learning as medicine evolves at an exponential rate.

~ What do you enjoy about practicing medicine in your specialty?

In medical school I had a really difficult time deciding what specialty to choose because I liked all of them. I enjoy Family Medicine because I get to practice and be involved in all aspects of medicine and I get to develop lifelong relationships with patients.

~ What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my wonderful wife Annie and my two beautiful girls, Emmeline and Isobel who are 5 and 2 years old. We try to get into the mountains as much as possible to hike, ski, fly fish. For exercise, I am always trying new things, most recently triathlons and Crossfit. I am still trying to become a respectable guitar and mandolin player. And most importantly, we're traveling to new places and eating good food!

Specialty Areas

Dr. Kelley practices holistic medicine in the broadest sense of the word. For him, every patient has to be approached as an individual person with specific needs, focusing on the mind-body connection through a bio-psycho-social lens.

"I focus on diet, exercise and healthy personal and spiritual lives in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease," he says. "I am always seeking ways to get patients safely off of medications."

In addition to Western medicine, Dr. Kelley utilizes evidence-based Eastern medicine, natural supplementation and continues to train in the ever-expanding field of Integrative Medicine.

Services he provides include:
~ Primary care from pediatrics to geriatrics
~ Prevention and treatment of chronic disease
~ Integrative medicine - blending Eastern and Western medicine, utilizing natural supplementation
~ Dry needling
~ Trigger point therapy
~ Skin biopsies
~ Sports medicine

A believer in lifelong learning, Dr. Kelley's current interests are Integrative Medicine and Sports Medicine. He wants to continue learning in both of those fields, become proficient in musculoskeletal ultrasound, cutting edge techniques like PRP and eventually incorporate cosmetic medicine into his practice.

Dr. Kelley is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

Education and Certifications

  • Residency — St. Anthony's Family Medicine Residency
    Family Practice. Integrative Medicine, Sports Medicine. Certifications: ACLS, ATLS, ALSO, NNRP (neonatal resuscitation)
    Westminster, CO