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Kelly Mandagere, md

About Kelly Mandagere

Dr. Mandagere joins Boulder Medical Center after 10 years as an endocrinologist in Louisville, Colo. A lifelong passion for the science of medicine along with a special interest in biochemistry makes her particularly suited to the field of endocrinology, which is the science of understanding glands and hormones and their actions and disorders in the body.

Dr. Mandagere was board-certified in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism in 1998. Prior to becoming a physician, she earned a Master of Science in Nutrition. In the years leading up to medical school she worked as a registered dietitian, counseling patients and educating physicians and health professionals.

“For many of my patients, including those with diabetes, I’ve found that my knowledge about nutrition is valuable when addressing the dietary and lifestyle components of these conditions,” she explains.

Dr. Mandagere chose to practice at Boulder Medical Center because she wanted to be part of an independent group of physician owners who are committed to serving the community.

“Boulder Medical Center has a great reputation in the community,” she says. “Patients that I’ve spoken with have positive things to say about the organization and the doctors seem very happy.”

In addition to her ongoing interest in science, Dr. Mandagere enjoys the personal aspect of practicing medicine.

“I strive to know all of my patients and to build rapport and a relationship,” she says. “It’s important to me that I understand as much as possible about their lifestyle, family, diet, stressors and activities.”

Outside of work, Dr. Mandagere is devoted to her family, an elderly dog who she considers another child, and her garden. She also loves baking, hiking, and anything in the outdoors.

Specialty Areas

Citing a lifelong passion for the science of medicine along with a special interest in biochemistry, Dr. Mandagere has dedicated her practice to the complex field of endocrinology. The conditions that she can treat include: issues with the adrenal gland that affects blood pressure and metabolism, osteoporosis, diabetes, cholesterol, hypothalamus and pituitary gland issues, thyroid problems and more.

Education and Certifications

Recent Kelly Mandagere Posts

The thyroid gland is vital to metabolism, growth and maturation. Located at the front part of the neck and shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid helps regulate many body functions by releasing hormones into the bloodstream. If too little thyroid hormone is produced, our body can slow down. This condition is called hypothyroidism.

“Dr. Mandagere is a fantastic endocrinologist. I’ve been seeing her for the past 5 years, as she has been helping me with issues around osteoporosis. I would recommend her to my family and friends.”
Lorraine in Louisville, Colo.