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Shawn Denham, Au.D

Dr. Shawn Denham is Program Director of Audiology at Boulder Medical Center. She specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders for patients of all ages. As a sufferer of hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo, Dr. Denham understands the complicated nature of these diagnoses. She takes a holistic approach and works closely with her patients to provide a tailored treatment plan.


About Shawn Denham

When I was four years old, I experienced trauma to one of my ears. As a result, I was seen by an audiologist who performed a hearing evaluation. I remember the experience being so much fun that the memory resonated with me for years. When it came time to pick a major in college, my parents reminded me of that experience and I knew that hearing loss was the specialty I wanted to focus on.

I really enjoy being a part of my patients’ journey to better hearing because it can be an immediate improvement in quality of life. The joy that comes with helping people hear better is emotionally rewarding for me.

When it comes to finding the best hearing solution for my patients, I find that a supportive role focused on the needs of each patient produces the most successful outcomes.

I have personal experience with hearing loss and tinnitus and have suffered from episodes of vertigo, giving me a unique shared experience with these quality of life issues.

When patients meet me they learn that I wear a hearing aid and I’m only in my mid-30’s. I think this brings awareness to the issue of age and hearing loss, in that the perception is changing and hearing aids are gaining acceptance and do not define us as “getting old.”

When not with patients, I spend time with my better half and my school-age son doing all that this wonderful State of Colorado has to offer.

— Dr. Shawn Denham, AU-D

Specialty Areas

Dr. Denham takes a holistic approach and works closely with her patients to provide a tailored treatment plan. She specializes in:

• Adult and pediatric hearing tests
• Tinnitus and evaluations and counseling
• Adult prescriptive hearing aid fittings
• Assistive listening devices
• Hearing aid repairs for all brands
• Custom hearing protection
• Musician monitors and custom ear buds
• Captioned phones

“I have a special interest in tinnitus and the sometimes debilitating aspects of this condition. Supporting patients, using a holistic approach, helps them find management solutions and often leads to immediate relief.” — Dr. Denham

Education and Certifications

  • Undergraduate — Ohio University
    Hearing and Speech Sciences
    Athens, OH

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Dr. Shawn Denham, Program Director of Audiology at Boulder Medical Center, has a unique perspective on hearing loss and the associated quality of life issues. She shares six hearing loss signs that can affect individuals of any age.

“Going through hearing loss was a sensitive transition for me. Dr. Denham not only helped me choose the best device to fit my lifestyle, but she also showed exceptional patience and care as I experienced the unexpected emotional components of having a hearing aid.”



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