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Audiology at Boulder Medical Center

To schedule an appointment:  303-440-3073
For hearing aid questions:  303-440-3050

This office practices at BMC-Broadway and BMC-Foothills.

Audiologists are licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing and balance disorders for patients of all ages. Our Audiologists have obtained their Doctor of Audiology (Au.D), and are active members of organizations including the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, and the Colorado Academy of Audiology.

Signs of Hearing Loss can include:

  • Asking the people around you to speak up or repeat themselves
  • Feeling that you can hear a person say something, but have difficulty making out what they said
  • Experiencing difficulty hearing in groups or noisy restaurants
  • Increasing the volume on the television or car radio
  • Having difficulty understanding a conversation over the phone
  • Hearing ringing in your ears
  • Avoiding activities and places you used to love because you cannot hear well enough to enjoy it anymore
  • Finding that you are tuning out during a conversation because you cannot follow what other people are saying

Hearing is an important part of our communication and social abilities. Untreated hearing loss can result in increased depression, feelings of isolation, and a decreased quality of life.

At Boulder Medical Center, our Audiologists can provide the following services:

  • In-depth hearing testing for adults and children aged 6 months and above
  • Evaluation, prescription, and fitting of hearing aids for adults
  • Treatment of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears
  • Hearing aid cleaning, troubleshooting, and repairs
  • Purchase of hearing aid batteries

Hearing Aid & Hearing Support Websites

Hearing Support:

The American Speech, Language and Hearing Association: http://www.asha.org/public/
Hearing Loss Association of America: http://www.hearingloss.org/
Hearing Aid Troubleshooting: http://www.oticonusa.com/hearing/for-experienced-wearers/care-and-maintenance/troubleshooting.aspx


At Boulder Medical Center, we work with the following hearing aid manufacturers:

Phonak: https://www.phonak.com/us/en.html
Siemens: https://www.signiausa.com/
Starkey: http://www.starkey.com/
Oticon: http://www.oticonusa.com/
Unitron: http://unitron.com/content/unitron/us/en.html
Resound: http://www.resound.com/en-US
Widex: http://www.widexusa.com/


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