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Boulder Medical Center Records

Notice of Intent to Destroy Medical Records
Notice is hereby given that Boulder Medical Center will be purging medical records which are dated beyond the state recommended retention period. Records selected for destruction include paper records for adult patients treated over 10 years ago and for pediatric patients who were born before 1990. Requests for copies of these records can be made in writing through 4:00 p.m. February 28, 2017. Boulder Medical Center continues to retain all electronic medical records for patient care provided within the past 10 years. Instructions for requesting medical records can be found below.

Our Release of Records Desk can help you obtain or send copies of your medical records. Authorization and request forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Medical Records Main Location:
Boulder Medical Center – Broadway
2750 Broadway Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304
Inquire about medical records on the first floor at the front desk

Phone: (303) 440-3135

E-mail: releaseofrecords@bouldermedicalcenter.com
PLEASE NOTE: E-mails that include your Personal/Private Health Information does not go to a protected site.

Medical RecordsBoulder Medical Center uses a document processing company called HealthPort to supply copies of all of our medical records when requested and authorized.

Boulder Medical Center will send one, current year’s medical records directly to a physician’s office at no cost to you. If you are requesting medical records for personal use, insurance applications, etc. there will be a charge as shown under “How much does HealthPort charge for its services” in the FAQ section below. Should your physician require additional records outside the current year’s record, please have the physician or nurse contact our medical records department at (303) 440-3135.

Information about Electronic Documents Below

In order to have your medical records released or obtained by Boulder Medical Center, a Release of Record form must be completed and signed by the requesting party or their legally authorized representative. This form can be downloaded below and mailed or faxed to (303) 449-9380. Please be sure to complete and sign before sending us the form.

If you would like to have your medical records sent to you electronically, please read the electronic delivery explanation letter (listed below) and complete the additional electronic delivery request form to obtain your medical records electronically. The electronic delivery request form can be faxed along with your authorization to release or obtain patient information form to 303-449-9380.

Please call Release of Records at (303) 440-3135 with questions.


Frequently Asked Questions & Information

Who is HealthPort?

HealthPort (formerly Smart Document Solutions) is the world’s largest health document processor. With a team of more than 3,000 employees, HealthPort processes over 20,000 medical record requests daily, which amounts to more than 600,000 pages for well over 5,500 healthcare facilities across the nation.

Why am I being charged for my medical records?

When you request your records, you receive a copy of the original records located in the medical facility. There are many steps taken to provide copies of the medical records, and the process is labor intensive. The records must be located from various places in the facility, the chart then pulled, the records are then selected based on the dates or treatments requested, the authorization is validated, the records are reviewed for legibility and to ensure confidentiality, copies are made of the appropriate pages, each page is replaced in the chart exactly how it was found, the chart must be filed or put back in storage and the package is sent per your request.

How much does HealthPort charge for its services?

The charges for the copies you have requested are usually regulated by each state. In most cases, HealthPort charges less than the allowable rates set forth by state law. Charges are as follows for your records from Boulder Medical Center, pages 1-40 – Free , pages 41 – 100 – $0.50 per page and pages 101 + up – $0.35 per page plus postage if your records are mailed.

How do I pay to receive copies of my medical records?

Upon receipt of your invoice, simply include the bottom portion of the invoice along with your check for the balance due. Your invoice will include a phone number if you choose to pay by credit card. HealthPort accepts Visa and MasterCard only. Please make your checks payable to HealthPort. We will gladly ship your records once payment is received for our services.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit the HealthPort website at www.healthport.com or call 1-800-367-1500.