Local. Independent. Physician-Owned Since 1949.

Celebrating 75 Years of Service: Our Journey at Boulder Medical Center

Boulder Medical Center stands today as a testament to 75 years of unwavering dedication to our patients, team excellence, and community vitality. Since our inception on February 21, 1949, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to providing comprehensive care tailored to the healthcare needs of Boulder and its surrounding areas.

A Bold History

In the wake of World War II, our story began with ten visionary physicians in Boulder coming together to establish a multi-specialty medical group. This collaboration laid the groundwork for Boulder Medical Center, pioneering comprehensive healthcare under one roof—an innovation that continues to define our mission.

75 Years of Local Healthcare Autonomy

Over seven and a half decades, we’ve evolved while upholding our roots in local ownership. Our dedication to personalized, high-quality care has been a constant, continually adapting to meet our community’s emerging needs. This unique ownership model enables us to remain deeply committed to our patients and swiftly adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape.

Fostering Trust through Physician Ownership

At Boulder Medical Center, our doctors are also our owners. This ownership fosters close doctor-patient relationships, promoting continuity of care and forming the cornerstone of our identity. These connections result in long-term relationships between patients and physicians, fostering improved health outcomes and a profound sense of trust.

Building a Bright Healthcare Future for Boulder County and Beyond

From our inaugural clinic at 2750 Broadway in Boulder, we’ve grown to include over 80 physicians and providers across five locations in Boulder County. Each site remains devoted to providing accessible and exceptional healthcare services to our community.

“We are extraordinarily proud to celebrate 75 years of serving our community,” said Donna Basden, CEO of Boulder Medical Center. “Our unwavering commitment to remaining local, independent, and physician-owned has been instrumental in our ability to prioritize delivery of individualized and high-quality, compassionate patient care. We also remain nimble in advancing technology while promoting an autonomous practice environment that attracts and retains top talent.”

As we mark our 75th anniversary, we eagerly anticipate a series of upcoming initiatives that will further our healthcare mission.

“Stay connected with our website and social media channels throughout 2024 for updates on our 75th-anniversary activities and exciting organizational advancements,” adds Basden. “These developments aim to expand service offerings, enhance patient care, optimize the overall patient experience, and support Boulder Medical Center’s promising future in serving our community.”

Bold History. Bright Future.
75th Anniversary Announcements

Boulder Medical Center is building a bright healthcare future for our patients and the Boulder County community. Stay tuned to this space and social media (Facebook and Instagram) pages for exciting updates!

January 17, 2024 – Boulder Medical Center Announces Expansion of Healthcare Services in Longmont

Boulder Medical Center-Longmont is pleased to announce the expansion of our medical services. We are adding Internal Medicine to our list of specialties, in addition to Family Medicine, Pediatrics, OB-GYN, and ENT. As part of this expansion, starting February 12, 2024, Boulder Medical Center-Longmont will be relocating from Suite 270 to Suite 240, which is still located in the same building at 1551 Professional Lane.

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Boulder Medical Center:  Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Mission: Engaging our patients in high-quality, compassionate health care.
  • Vision: To be recognized by our community for exceptional, high quality, affordable, coordinated care; and become the healthcare employer of choice through life balance,    employee satisfaction, and financial performance.
  • Values:
    • Quality
    • Service
    • Teamwork
    • Professionalism