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Pediatric Orthopedics

Introducing Our Expert Pediatric Orthopedic Doctors:
Dr. Jennifer Beck, MD, and Dr. Kristen Geiger, MD

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our medical services with the addition of our dedicated Pediatric Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department. At Boulder Medical Center, we understand the unique needs of our young patients and strive to provide the highest level of care and expertise to ensure their healthy growth and active lifestyle.

Our department is led by two highly skilled and board-certified doctors, who complement each other’s expertise and form a formidable team to cater to your child’s orthopedic and sports-related concerns.

Dr. Jennifer Beck, MD
Board-Certified in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine for Children

With her extensive experience and board certification in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine for Children, Dr. Jennifer Beck is a highly respected expert in the field. Her areas of specialization include:

  • ACL Tears: Dr. Beck provides comprehensive care for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery and prevention.
  • Patella Instability: For young patients facing patella instability, Dr. Beck offers personalized treatment plans to restore stability and function to the knee joint.
  • Knee Surgery: Surgical procedures often demand distinct considerations when performed on children compared to adults.
  • Meniscus/Discoid Meniscus Arthroscopic Surgery: Utilizing advanced arthroscopic techniques, Dr. Beck effectively manages meniscal tears and discoid meniscus issues.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery: Dr. Beck employs minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to diagnose and treat joint problems, reducing recovery time and scarring.
  • Fracture Management: In cases of bone fractures, rest assured that Dr. Beck provides expert fracture care for our young patients.
  • Sports Injuries: Dr. Beck specializes in treating sports-related injuries, striving for a safe return to play for young athletes.
  • Outpatient Surgical Procedures: Our department offers the convenience of outpatient surgical procedures, ensuring a seamless experience for our young patients and their families.

Dr. Kristen Geiger, MD
Board-Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Sports Medicine

Dr. Kristen Geiger, a highly skilled Pediatrician specializing in Pediatric Sports Medicine, is complementing the department’s expertise. Dr. Geiger brings valuable insights and a caring approach to address various pediatric orthopedic and sports-related concerns, including:

  • Acute and Overuse Sports Injuries: Dr. Geiger diagnoses and manages sports injuries, whether they occur suddenly during activities or develop over time due to repetitive use.
  • Joint Pain and Injuries: Dr. Geiger provides expert care to alleviate discomfort and promote healing.
  • Simple Fractures: For minor fractures and injuries, Dr. Geiger offers prompt and effective treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.
  • Concussion Evaluation and Management: As a certified expert in imPACT Neurocognitive Testing, Dr. Geiger provides comprehensive concussion evaluation and personalized management plans for a safe return to activities.
  • Injury Prevention: Dr. Geiger believes in proactive care and offers guidance on injury prevention techniques to keep young athletes and active children in top form.
  • School and Sports Physicals: Dr. Geiger conducts thorough school and sports physicals to support your child’s participation in sports and physical activities, identifying any potential concerns and ensuring they are ready to perform at their best.

A Collaborative Approach to Care

At Boulder Medical Center, we understand that pediatric orthopedic and sports-related issues require a multidisciplinary approach. Our expert team, led by Dr. Beck and Dr. Geiger, collaborates closely with parents, coaches, and other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless and integrated care for every child.

Empowering Your Child’s Active Journey

We believe that every child has the right to a happy, healthy, and active childhood. With both Dr. Jennifer Beck’s exceptional expertise in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine and Dr. Kristen Geiger’s prowess in Pediatric Sports Medicine, we are committed to empowering your child’s active journey.


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Dedicated to the unique needs of our young patients, providing the highest level of care and expertise to ensure their healthy growth and active lifestyle.