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Evan Minard, MD

About Evan Minard

Dr. Evan Minard grew up experiencing diverse cultures and communities, spending his formative years in Belgium, Houston, and Vermont. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado (CU), where he initially pursued a path in economics. However, a pivotal moment at the age of 24, during a drive home for Christmas after a challenging semester in an Economics Ph.D. program, led him to the realization that his true calling was in medicine.

Dr. Minard enjoys the dynamic and varied nature of Emergency and Urgent Care medicine. He often describes ER doctors as the “MacGyvers” of medicine, thriving in environments where no two days are alike and embracing the challenge of solving complex medical problems on the fly. This fast-paced and unpredictable field allows him to interact with a wide range of patients, address their concerns, and help them understand their medical situations.

A firm believer in a collaborative approach to patient care, Dr. Minard ensures that his patients actively participate in their healthcare journey. He takes the time to discuss diagnoses, expectations, and treatment options with his patients, working together to create personalized care plans.

Dr. Minard received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX, the oldest medical school west of the Mississippi. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Western Michigan School of Medicine. Board-certified in Emergency Medicine, he has been practicing for 24 years in a variety of settings, including tertiary care ERs, level 1 trauma centers, and remote rural ERs, where he often works as part of a small, dedicated trauma team.

Outside of his medical career, Dr. Minard outdoor activities such as hiking, riding his collection of bikes, and leading bicycle tours across the country for a non-profit organization. Additionally, he enjoys playing guitar, reading, and spending quality time with his family.