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Krista Toomre, md

Krista Toomre, MD is a board certified family medicine physician with over 25 years of experience in the field. She opens her BMC clinic Monday, Oct. 26 and you can make an appointment now by calling (303) 440-3102.

About Krista Toomre

Dr. Krista Toomre grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and graduated from Boulder High. She moved to San Diego for college and medical school then completed her residency in Denver. After living in Florida for twenty-two years, where she built a successful family medicine practice, Dr. Toomre is thrilled to be back in Boulder.

Growing up with an astrophysicist father and zoologist mother, Dr. Toomre was fascinated by science. Her immersion in science, combined with the enjoyment of helping others, led to her decision to become a physician.

Dr. Toomre enjoys building long-term relationships with her patients. “I love learning about my patients’ lives and experiences and helping them find and maintain wellness,” she says. “Their drive toward being healthy inspires me, their strength to work through a tough illness, or their ability not to let a diagnosis define them. I greatly enjoy helping them gain better health.”

Her practice philosophy focuses on sharing scientific methodologies that help patients make the best decisions for their health. “I try to be the best patient advocate as possible, using a shared decision model to help my patients find their own personal path to wellness. I appreciate it when the patient is motivated and responsible for their part in this journey.”

She values her time in medicine to date and has learned from many patients over the past two decades. “I am often told by patients that I’m an active listener,” she says. “This is an important characteristic that I strive to bring to my practice.”

In her free time, Dr. Toomre enjoys spending time with her family and keeping a healthy mind and body. She enjoys exercising, reading, cooking, and reveling in the beauty of nature. Her hobbies include jogging, hiking, and skiing. She also enjoys being involved with women’s health organizations and promoting environmental conservation.

Dr. Toomre is working towards certification in Functional Medicine via the Institute of Functional Medicine and looks forward to integrating this training into her practice.

Specialty Areas

Krista Toomre MD is an experienced, well-rounded primary care physician. As a board certified family practice provider, she is trained to provide care for any patient, regardless of gender, age or type of medical problem. Dr. Toomre’s services include:

  • Primary care for individuals and families
  • Pediatrics, well-baby and well-child care
  • Adult preventive medicine
  • Management of chronic disease
  • Cancer screening

She is working toward certification in Functional Medicine via the Institute of Functional Medicine and looks forward to integrating this training into her practice.

Education and Certifications