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Pediatrics Department in Boulder


The BMC-Foothills Pediatric Dept can be reached at 303-938-4750. This office practices at BMC-Foothills.

Our registered nursing staff provides a daytime nurse advice line for routine questions and prescription refills. To access the nurse advice line, call 303-938-4750 and press 2.


Pediatric Providers at BMC-Foothills:

Ronald Baumgartner, MD
Lauren Brave, MD
Stephen Fries, MD
Karin R. Knapp, MD
Margaret Lafferty, MD
Susan A. Larson, MD, MS, FAAP


The seven American Board of Pediatrics certified pediatricians at Boulder Medical Center treat children from newborns to older teenagers. Although many of the children we see are healthy, we treat diseases ranging from asthma to school learning disorders.

Pediatricians are available for appointments five days a week and Saturday mornings.  A pediatrician is on call 24 hours a day for consultation. The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado provides nursing staff with whom you may speak before speaking with the doctors on call.

Consultation between our pediatricians and specialists at The Children’s Hospital is available by phone or an appointment can be made with a specialist the same day by special arrangement.


Click on the Pediatric Web link below to access Boulder Medical Center’s web page on the Pediatric Web site.

When prompted, use the password bmc4kids.

Helpful Pediatric Web Links:

Government site for Administration for Children & Families- www.acf.dhhs.gov
Government site for Immunization Information- www.cdc.gov/nip

Immunization Action Coalition- www.immunize.org