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Protect your vision against Blue Light exposure

BMC Optical is now offering Blue Tech or TheraBlue lenses for glasses in a range of products (with or without prescription).

We are subjected to Blue Light through LED screens used in smart phones, tablets, computer monitors & TV’s. Numerous studies suggest that blue light in the evening disrupts the brain’s natural sleep-awake cycles, which is crucial for optimal function of the body. The short-wave length light suppresses melatonin that promotes sleepiness.

Studies have linked melatonin suppression in the evening to various health problems, including metabolic syndrome, obesity and cancer, as well as mental disorders like depression. Blue light causes harmful effects such as Digital Eye Strain. Digital Eye Strain Syndrome causes blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, neck and back pain.

Come see the Optical Department to discuss your options for protecting your eyes today!

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